1 February 2019 The new CD of the St. George Quintet, Bohemia Express, is in print! We will present it, together with a movie that accompanies the music, made by Lars Konings, in three concerts in February. Most importantly: a huge thank you to all of you who generously supported the financing of the CD!

4 January 2019 The previously mentioned string quartet... has decided on a name and is now Karski Quartet! Moreover, they will be joining the String Quartet Studio at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester from January until June 2019. Looking forward to this wonderful opportunity!

24 November 2018 The string quartet consisting of Kaja Nowak, Natalia Kotarba, Diede Verpoest and Julia Kotarba has been awarded the Grand Prix at the 4th International Music Competition Triomphe de l'Art in Brussels! We are very happy and we are deciding on a name asap :-)

19 November 2018 The crowdfunding campaign for the new CD album of the St. George Quintet, Bohemia Express, is underway! If you'd like to support our project, please visit our campaign page.

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