15 November 2020 What with all the free time on my hands, I finally set up a newsletter. To subscribe, head to the contact page. I would be delighted if you do, especially as there's a big project coming up I'd love to tell you about!

1 November 2020 We were all afraid of this: the second wave of the virus is here and all my November and December concerts are cancelled. Please keep checking for updates - I'll be letting you know as soon as I can what happens from January on!

1 August 2020 Back to concert life! With only one concert cancelled in August, there is a whole series of performances going ahead the next couple of months. Really happy to be back on stage, there's some very exciting projects happening! Please check ↑agenda for all the information.

6 July 2020 Karski Quartet was honoured to be interviewed by Bożena U. Zaremba from the Jan Karski Educational Foundation. We enjoyed talking about what the name of our quartet means to us and how Jan Karski continuously inspires us in music and in life... and many other things! The lengthy interview can be accessed at the Jan Karski Foundation website. You can also read the Polish language version in PDF format.

27 March 2020 The Strad reviewed Bohemia Express! (And on the top of that, specially recommends it.) You can read the very flattering review here.

23 March 2020 A little late with this announcement I guess... As a result of the quarantine put in place to stop the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, all my concerts until the beginning of May (for now) are cancelled. Absolutely understand and support all the security measures, and at the same time cross fingers hard for the wellbeing of the musician community, which has been hard-hit by the wave of cancellations resulting from the quarantine. Also, a heartfelt thank you to everyone who does not forget us in these crazy times!

7 January 2020 The world premiere recording of Frederick Septimus Kelly's String Trio, made in 2018 by the Septimus Trio (Kaja Nowak - violin, Diede Verpoest - viola and Wouter Vercruysse - cello) is available as of today on several digital platforms. You can listen to it or download it following this link.

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