duo Nowak - Feruleva

Discovering the genre of the violin-cello duo: Kaja Nowak on violin, Anastasia Feruleva on cello. A musical partnership, built over years of having performed together in every possible chamber music combination, reinforced by a friendship of the inside-out kind. Repertoire ranging from Bach and Beethoven, through Ravel and Kodály, to contemporary compositions. Concert programmes consisting either only of violin-cello duo pieces, or a mix of those with works for violin solo and cello solo.

Septimus Trio

The starting point for this ensemble, formed by the inner voice players of the St. George Quintet, was a request to record Frederick Septimus Kelly's String Trio, the manuscript of which was discovered in Florence in 2016, a hundred years after it was written, performed, and lost. Being already acquainted with Kelly's exceptional story and his work, Kaja, Diede and Wouter delved into this project with a lot of interest and have been very happy to present this work with success to a wider public - and explore other string trio repertoire as well.

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St. George Quintet

Two violins (Liesbeth Baelus and Kaja Nowak), viola (Diede Verpoest), cello (Wouter Vercruysse) and double bass (Bram Decroix) is a not-so-conventional setting and thus a very versatile repertoire. Next to well known and loved pieces like the Dvorak quintet, the SGQ performs many rarely heard works from composers such as Onslow, Bliss, F.S.Kelly, has worked together with guitar, marimba and trombone players, co-created a music-theatre performance, and even presented their own arrangements of songs by The Beatles and Queen.

The St. George Quintet is a laureate of Supernova 2016, a competition for young chamber music ensembles organised in cooperation with the Belgian classical music radio station Klara. December 2016 marks the release of their debut CD album, British Legends. The release of their second album, Bohemia Express, is planned for December 2018.


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