Queen and huntress, chaste and fair

Here’s a fantastic piece of music that I recently had the pleasure to play. Didn’t know this one before and I really fell in love with it. Made me remember also an amusing thing I heard once in a chamber music lesson, playing some English pieces to a fantastic Czech musician. He admitted he was not the biggest fan of English music, saying it was a bit too bland for his taste… that all those Elgars and Vaughan Williamses lackedRead More

I wish people took Austen seriously

30 March 2017 In English, Literature

Recently I thought it would be a good idea to read something in French, to improve my French. (Seems like a no-brainer.) I dug up Le rouge et le noir, which I read in Polish a long time ago and loved. I also left Le Père Goriot lying around, planning to read it next, and this one was immediately snatched by my boyfriend who is now sacrificing hours of precious sleep over it. So one evening we were doing thisRead More

Rabindranath Tagore, L’Offrande Lyrique

28 March 2017 En français, Literature

XXXIX Quand le cœur est dur et desséché, descends sur moi dans une averse de clémence. Quand la vie a perdu sa grâce, viens à moi dans une explosion de chant. Quand l’œuvre de tumulte élève de toutes parts son vacarme, m’excluant d’au delà, viens à moi, Seigneur du silence, avec ta paix et ton repos. Quand mon cœur misérable gît, captif, tapi dans un coin, enfonce la porte, mon Roi, et viens dans le cérémonial d’un roi. Quand leRead More