Starting to blog again

24 February 2017 In English

I have been blogging since I was 13 years old. Back then, in middle high school in Poland, it was t h e thing among teenagers (now all the teenagers moved to Tumblr and Instagram?). It was much easier than now: I would just write whatever came to my mind. It must have been an awful lot of bullshit, but at least I didn’t have the writer’s block I’m experiencing now, sweating over the first post here.

I mean this blog to be about everything. Of course, being a musician, I will inevitably talk about music! But also all these other things like books, walks, food, my neighbourhood, a great movie I’ve been to, a beggar I always meet in the same place when I go to teach, efforts to use less plastic, trip to Japan! All that. But most importantly: I would like this blog to be a platform for anything I cannot say from the stage. Anything that doesn’t fit in a concert programme. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of things other than music that also matter to me a great deal ­čÖé

Hope to see you around from time to time!



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